Two toys with crippled OSes or future of personal computing?

So we have new Chromebook and new Surface. Different from factors, different specs, different price tags and probably different target customer groups.

Do you think that lack of x86 legacy apps and focus on web storage and cloud computing is the way to go? I think YES. Is it a perfect solution in 2013? Probably not...

Both devices have theirs obvious drawbaks. For me:

HP Chromebook 11

  • underspeced (dual core ARM, HD screen)
  • poor battery life for an ARM device
  • non touch screen
  • "always-connected" limitation (partially sovled by now)

Surface 2

  • with covers, Surface is quite expensive
  • App Store is not mature yet
  • not designed for prolonged typing (especially away from the desk)

On the other hand, they have major strong points:

HP Chromebook 11

  • GREAT price
  • perfect for web browsing
  • ultimate device for people using google services extensively
  • good for extended typing

Surface 2

  • powerful CPU, great screen
  • external devices support
  • thin, light, great battery life
  • offline file management (File Explorer is a powerful tool)

Which of these two devices you prefer? Why? Is there anything you CAN'T accept about these devices? (I posted it also on Tribe)