Surface Pro 2 usefulness for programming etc.

Hello everyone!

Have a rather quick question to ask regarding the power of the Surface Pro 2, and how useable it would be for my tasks. I'm currently studying at a University which requires me to work a lot in programs such as;

· Elcispe (java)

· MS Visio

· Excel

· MS Project

How much would I cripple myself by getting a Surface Pro 2 with these programs? Is the power lacking, would screen space become a nuisance? I have a desktop at home, though I usually prefer to sit in a library or study room to get some work done, have a hard time focusing sometimes at home.

The reason why I've looked at the Surface is because I also recently sold my iPad, which I dearly miss. It was a nice companion for reading pdfs (have lots of online books/papers) etc. and I would like to get a 2-in-1 device this time so I can casually read or browse the web, as well as work on the go when needed to.

TLDR; Can the surface Pro 2 handle Eclipse, Visio, Excel and Project well, without screen estate and performance feeling underwhelming?