The Verge's increasing popularity in India

I have been following The Verge since more than a year now. The Verge has become my go-to source for all of my tech-inquisitions. It seems absolutely surreal to think about a time when The Verge didn't exist. The fact that the first thing I do when I wake up is fire up The Verge on my phone says a lot about the content on this site.

When I first started following The Verge, I felt like I was one of the few people amongst my circle who knew about the site. But recently, everyone in my extended circle has suddenly become hyper-aware of The Verge. And I am not just talking about friends and acquaintances who are actively following tech-news but also people who aren't tech-geeks. All of a sudden, everybody I know is consuming The Verge's pioneering content, in one form or another.

The genesis of The Verge's sudden popularity in India, at least according to me, lies with the fact that it covers a lot of stories emanating from India and about topics concerning India, directly. Certainly, much more than any competing US-based Internet Publications. This conclusion is based upon the fact that this is precisely how I got hooked to The Verge.

I don't think the amount of web traffic originating from India would compare to the traffic coming from the US or the UK. But given my personal experience, within my immediate and extended circle, I'd say that a lot more people have started following and frequenting the site. I see a lot of Indian folks in the comments and in the forums. I know, the Verge doesn't publicly release its web-traffic stats but given the explosion in awareness, it makes me curious as to how much of The Verge's web-traffic stems from India.

The Verge certainly produces the most cutting edge content and brings some of the most enthralling stories to the fore. And hence, I am really pleased with all the attention The Verge has been receiving in India, which it unquestionably deserves!