Are you standing at your desk right now?

I wanted to get everyone's opinion on this desk:

I am one of the 10 backers and wonder if they have done a poor job getting the word out or if there is a different standing desk I should consider. I am handy but don't think I could acquire a bamboo(or other finely finished wood) and build one for less than the $299. I have seen some articles like this

But call me a sucker for a couple of guys in a shed with a dream. Bottom line: I bought a house and need a new desk which I want to be a standing desk. If no one else likes the Darwin Desk enough to get it to the lofty $100,000 goal, I will need a nice one preferably under $500 (I have done my googling, I know about desks like this and but don't look nearly as pretty as the Darwin Desk OR at the price I am looking to hit)