Huawei Ascend P6

I'm sorta tempted by this phone, especially as Huawei tend to aggressively discount.

  • It is a very nice looking phone, "thinnest in the world" good build quality.
  • 4.7 720p screen is all I need personally. Supposed to be a good panel.
  • Quad core processer is a bit weak but I'm not power mad.
  • Emotion UI is shit but if there was a nice ROM then happy days.
  • 8GB internal is a bit skimpy but depending on the ROM size its plenty for apps.
  • SD card slot which is nice.
The bad
  • No LTE- I don't care as LTE+ is fine for me. I can stream Netflix in HD, don't care otherwise
  • No NFC- Disappointing but hardly crushing

There are tradeoffs for the slim and sexy package. It may suit some people when the price comes down a bit.