Windows Phone Deserves a Verge App

Hi Tribe!

Most of you will agree with me that The Verge needs to make a WP app right off the bat, being the awesome Microsoft lovers you are, but ill make an argument anyways, for those who disagree with me.

Lets start off with the statistics, WP is more popular than ever, with around 10% of Europe enjoying their amazing metro phones. WP is also #1 in Finland (no surprise there, Nokia's HQ is there for those who don't know), and beating iPhone in Argentina India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Croatia and other central/eastern European countries. Surely some of these lucky people would want an app.

The Verge Forums are of course leaded by the three biggest tech companies in the world, Microsoft, Apple, and Google, but by far the most popular forum is the (amazing) Microsoft Tribe. Tribers are either the largest group of people on the verge, or the most public. We are leading the forums, despite the absence of a phone app, so the least you can do is give us an app.

Lastly, Windows Phone might have been young and not mature years ago, but not anymore. Games like Where's My Water 2 or Angry Birds Star Wars 2 are coming out before or with other releases on other platforms. Also, with a GDR3 update, and possible a surface phone (or Lumia, whatever the case) coming out from Microsoft, who can definitely make amazing hardware, more people will adopt Windows Phone. It will no longer be lacking features like control or notification center, and should no longer be lacking a Verge app.

I could probably think of more reasons why the best phone platform (WP) deserves an app, but lets see how far this will take us. Tom Warren, get on this!

Thank you for reading, this is one of my first posts so sorry if its not that good, and as always.... Go Microsoft!