Verge's Canon/Nikon bias

So Pentax announces the K-3, a new APSc camera, which has a number of things no other camera has, like a headphone port to allow you to monitor audio feed for your video, a mechanical solution to handle potential moire since it doesn't have an AA filter, a buffer to handle 8.3 fps despite its 24mp sensor, potential for wireless tethering, etc etc....

And on the same day, Nikon announces the D610, which is a modest update to the 600, and really deals with the QR issues the shutter of the 600 had.

So which one does The Verge cover?

Now to be fair, The Verge didn't give an indepth preview of the 610, they covered it in their spec sheet, which is suppose to give people at least updates on all new products. But did Pentax get a Spec Sheet post, despite their announcement was BEFORE Nikon's? NO