Online Microsoft Store discount for Canadian students

Unlike the US site, there's no facility to enter a university email address for the 10% student discount. Instead, the Canadian site has a student section that offers a few products (and I do mean a few) at a discount of varying amounts.

It isn't advertised, but if you call the 1-800 number for Microsft Store Canada phone orders, it seems like they'll apply the 10% student discount to just about anything, if you provide your student email. I also had to email a picture of my student card, although they put my order through even before the email came in.

I'm not sure how many Canadian students frequent The Verge, but I thought I'd put it out there. I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 2, the warranty and a touch cover 2 and it was all discounted, just like the apple store did when I got my MBA a couple years ago. The difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple's discounts are arbitrary amounts ($50 off all MBA configs for instance), where Microsoft is a flat 10%.