Are people excited about Nexus 5 just because its cheap?

I was a Nexus user in the past, and I simply fail to understand ll this excitement towards next Nexus device.

Yes, my Nexus 4 was a good phone, except that it used to fail to connect to 3G at times which always required a reboot to fix. Nevertheless it was good phone.

And that's it. There was nothing that it could do which other Galaxy phones or any other Android couldn't.

The camera was mediocre at best & very poor at low light. It used to get very hot with continues browsing. I couldn't do USB OTG. I cannot connect a memory card. It did not have FM Radio. And even with that huge battery of 2100mAh I used to get a max of 15 hours of battery with 3G being switched on only when needed.

Even the stock android seemed like overrated. I did not like any of the stock Google Apps and replaced them immediately. I never used SMS app and replaced it with Handscent SMS simply because the Hanscent has tons of features. And this GTalk - SMS thing is another foolish move IMO since nobody uses GTalk messenger these days anyway.

I replaced stock launcher with NOVA Launcher, Music player with N7 player.Replaced Gallary with QuicKPic. Cameringo with Camera app. Hotmail app with Gmail App. Digical for Calender. Timely for Alarm & the list would go on.

The point is, it even looks like Nexus 5 is just watered down version of G2, with LG opting to put low cost equipment from G2 to Nexus 5.

So, what seriously excites you about Nexus 5? Price, any unique features, Size, Specifications?