Update 3: Is Xbox One Winning Online Services Round

Friends App on Xbox One Walkthrough (via xbox)

Xbox One vs. PS4 (online services)

  • MSFT online network far ahead of PSN.
  • Xbox Live Cloud Compute: Offload computation and 300k dedicated servers (free for developers).
  • Server System: Leader in reliability and security.
  • Reputation System and MatchMaking.
  • Skype, Friends app, Bing platform, smartglass app, Xbox Music app, Machine Wingman, exclusive TVs cable, sports and fitness deals and the potential of gaining Windows OS.

In my opinion Xbox One beat out PS4 by a large margin in online services.

I wish that one of the tribe unbiased member to conduct such comparisons between next generation consoles but only to include confirmed features and specifications.

I propose the following criteria:

1. Exclusive games/exclusive in game contents (please, no indie games only AAA).

2. Online Services.

3. Entertainment.

4. Software.

5. Controller.

6. Accessories.

7. Ecosystem.

8. Design.

9. Performance.

10. Customer supports.

11. Gamer profile for e.g. best feel, look, ease of use and customizable (Avatar, Gamertag, Gamerscore, achievement, etc)

Update 2:

I think MSFT have read thin post and started releasing some of Xbox One online services features details (just kidding).