What's next after LG?

I know it's too early and Nexus 5 (4?) hasn't even been officially announced yet, but just out of curiosity: Which OEM do you think will Google choose to continue its nexus phone line? Following Google's pattern of two iterations of nexus phones per OEM, it is inevitable that a new one will be chosen to manufacture the next nexus phone.

Personally, I'd prefer a moto nexus. The size and build is just perfect. Plus it would be pretty amazing if all the optimizations and the 'always listening' features of moto x will be integrated into stock. However, this might cause some altercations since the Google-owned Motorola is supposed to be treated just like another OEM. Politics and stuff hinder my wishful thinking.

What about you? Should LG nexus continue? Is it time for a Sony nexus? Will Google finally make use of its Motorola acquisition to produce the next nexus phone? Or will Google surprise us with something else altogether?

btw, I made this new account just to post this because ever since the redesign of the verge website I can't log in using Google+. How do I fix this?