I'm thinking about returning my iPhone 5S for for the Moto X

This year I went from a Nexus 4 to an iPhone 5S; and while it's only been a few weeks I'm already starting to miss Android. There is SO MUCH I love about iOS and it's ecosystem, but the 5S wasn't the leap I thought it was going to be hardware or software wise. Make no mistake the 5S is a beast in a tiny package, that in my eyes feels held back by the software.

I know the Moto X isn't nearly as powerful as the iPhone 5S but Motorola cobbled together one feature rich device. The voice activation, drive assist, and the ability to manage text and calls from your browser are awesome additions to Android. Also as a Verizon customer the Moto X is basically my only choice if I want a near stock device. Heck even if the One was available I might still get the Moto X since it has a slightly better camera (the comparison shots I've seen since the camera update look good).

Speaking of which, one of the main reasons I left Android for the iPhone was because of the superior camera. In my opinion it best even the Galaxy S4's 13-megapixel camera. So processor and camera wise I would definitely be taking a step back if I get the Moto X. But specs isn't what the Moto X is about anyway, right? From all the reviews I've read and video I've seen it's managed to go toe-to-toe with the One and S4 with a lesser processor. That's really impressive to me and I think more people should get on board with devices like that! Throwing better hardware at Android isn't always the answer.

Obviously we're all on this forum because we love Android, but I wanted an honest unbiased opinion on the 5S vs Moto X. Or at the very least, an honest opinion about the Moto X in general. Anyone here regret their purchase of the X? If so, what issues did you have? And please let me know if I should just stick with the iPhone 5S! Again, I really do love the phone and can live without Android (at least until this time next year).