Windows Phone, Scared?

Hi Fellow Vergers!,

Let me begin by saying that Apple is amazing. Myself, I prefer and use all Microsoft Services, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Outlook, Xbox, Bing, Office, and IE. Don't get me wrong, Apple makes great products, just not my taste. I don't think of Microsoft and Apple as competitors, I think of them as Frienemies because of all the times they have saved each other, built off of each others ideas, etc, and I think some of you can agree with me.

You might also agree with me that the mobile market isn't really a mobile market right now, its and Android and iOS market. Even one of Nokia's slogans "Don't fight. Switch" helps prove my point. obviously both platforms have two feet firmly placed down, and neither is going anywhere while the other is still around.

This might not be you, it might not be 99% if the people in the world, but some people are tired of the same old thing. This is one the best selling points of Windows Phone: its different. Hopefully this seems more like fact then opinion to you guys. People go to iPhone for simplicity and quality. They go to android usually because they are bored with iPhone, they want customizable phones with amazing specs and low cost. People go to Windows Phone because its different. The Windows Phone metro feel, and Windows 8 in general is new and different, and although horrible to some, its amazing and fresh to others, which is why is has around 10% of Europe using its platform, and is also #1 in Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Croatia and other central/eastern European countries.

I know some of you guys laugh at the pathetic list of countries, but to Windows Phoners, this means progress. People are using and loving Windows Phone, and more people every day. Android and iPhone can try to kill each other off but as we've seen, cant. My question for you guys, is does Windows Phone scare you? Do you think there's a third spot in the mobile market? Do you think there's only one, and its reserved for Windows Phone? I know how the tribe feels, but I'm curious how the core does.

Thanks for taking your time to read,