Google + Dish Network to Create Wireless Service. Shouldn't others worry?

When I mean others, I mean traditional voice/data carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

Right now Dish Network is aggressively buying up LTE-A spectrum, and trying to purchase more spectrum from Clearwire. Per government mandate, Dish Network must cover 30% of the U.S population by 2016 or face penalties.

So why are we not hearing much about this? Last I heard the Google campus was doing testing with LTE-A spectrum.

"Google has filed a request with the FCC for a license to test a wireless network on its Mountain View campus, and at least one observer believes the search giant is working on an LTE network of its own, possibly in preparation of entering the wireless provider sector on its own terms."

Wouldn't having their own carrier service essentially solve a lot of issues they have right now? They can turn the wireless carrier into TV stations (with the help of Youtube and their content creators). This would eliminate depending on fragmented carrier industry and instead release phones only on their carrier if they wish. They could do so much with this.