Why Does Google Wallet Get Pimped & Gimped So Badly?

Why o'why is NFC payment such a pain in the ass here in 2013?

Loving my newly beloved Note 3 but as I wait for the hackers in XDA Developers to come up with a nice hack to get Google Wallet's "Tap to pay" option working I'm realizing it's the 2nd year in a row I had to rely on a hacked up way to make payments through my phone. The Note 2 was lovely when I was able to hack that older version of Wallet on it but even then it's again, a pain in the ass to needing to do it in the 1st place.

Why do carriers even care what the hell I do with making payments with my phone? Why don't a damn bank like TD Bank or Wells Fargo help us out & let us make payments through their accounts on our phones? Why is Isis the only damn alternative? Because guess what, they give a stupid error right upon install which, after further reading into it tells, they only support a couple banks in a couple cities.

Google Wallet was supposed to be the answer and push mobile digital wallets into the mainstream. Yet it'll only be a niche # of people who'll even care to root & hack their phones to wow the pretty cashiers at the local Rite Aid store. Yet it's only restricted for a few phones on a few carriers. for people to do without any hassles. While my fanboyism says fuck Apple until my face turns green, it would take them to implement NFC payments and have everyone being able to make payments with no hassles. Only then would Google get on their asses & push "Tap to Pay" into being a common feature for ANY phone that have NFC functionality.

But noooo, Google and Samsung in this instance have to be spineless bitches. Isis gotta be needlessly restrictive. And if Apple fills this niche they'll hit a home run for their iPhone 6 and guess what? They'll deserve the annoying praise of being innovators since the Android implementation thus far is inconsistent, patchy and a draw of luck of what phone/carrier/region you happen to be aligned to in the Venn diagram of NFC payments which should, just be all so simple. Can it be aaaaaall so simple? (C) Wu-Tang Clan sample