Homer’s two great works, The Iliad and The Odyssey, are technically poems. In the exact same way that an inch-thick tome can be a poem, the HTC One max is a phone. It has all the requisite characteristics: 3G and 4G connectivity, an earpiece and multiple microphones, and a design that invites you to use it like a regular smartphone. And yet, it’s just so big.

The new 5.9-inch member of HTC’s One family takes the vaunted One design up into a higher weight class, squaring up against the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra. Unlike those devices, however, the One max pays no special fealty to pen or stylus input — its secret weapon in the battle for consumer attention is a back-mounted fingerprint scanner. So, eight months after its initial launch, the HTC One gets supersized and fingerprint-savvy. Does that keep it in the running for best Android smartphone? Or does the extra size drag it down?