The notion that Samsung is an Apple copycat is ludicrous.

I dont know if it was the first but the iphone 2G was the first major phone with a sealed battery and then its successors continued to follow in that new direction. Well guess what? Eventually every company followed suit as is evident by today's smartphone market.......but samsung never did and continues to give the option of removable battery.

Again not sure if first but the iphone 2G was the first major smartphone that shunned expandable storage and its next iterations continue to popularize the idea. Well guess what again? Eventually every company followed suit but not samsung.

The iphone 4 was the first smartphone with a micro sim and samsung was the last of all the major companies to adapt micro-sim.

So what is all this? Isnt samsung hell bent on copying everything apple does?

Why isnt the touchwiz launcher merely an app drawer that you can swipe left and right just like how iOS is? Why give homescreens, widgets and all that complicated stuff when apple doesnt?

Why are samsung phones so much bigger than iphone? Shouldnt they be copying the size of the iphone so a galaxy looks similar to an iphone?

Why are samsung flagship phones made of plastic when the iphone isnt? All the things that I have mentioned so far dont have any legal issues in "copying".

If I am not wrong nokia was the first to follow the sealed battery, no micro SD card and micro sim standards. So seems like nokia is a bigger copycat?

The reality is that samsung looks at every major company for inspiration just like well.........pretty much every other company. Many of the features in touchwiz are a direct response to a feature in some other android phone but it goes all unnoticed because its not juicy. But whenever touchwiz implements a feature of iOS then its suddenly big news.

Samsung phones are the most modular phones in the market today, the apple iphone remains the most sealed phone where you cant even change sim card without a tool. The samsung touchwiz is possibly the most customizable skin on any smartphone right now and I dont have to tell you that the iphone is the least customizable.

The overall "experience" on a samsung smartphone is so totally different from an iphone that the whole notion of samsung being a copycat is sensationalist and deluded from reality.