Where the @#$% is that WP Enthusiast Program?... Oh Wait.


After one full year the Windows Phone enthusiast program that Joe Belfiore promised is here. Microsoft details the new program on the Windows Phone Developer's Blog.

While it's focused primarily at paid developers, anyone can join on the fun with the free App Studio program.

So if you're looking to get early access and bypass the hassles of your carrier, signup today.

Because GDR3 is now available for anyone to download.


UPDATE: Commenter gamepop7 was kind enough to point out the app you need to opt in is here.

So basically you can get in on the action by:

# Either go here and become a registered developer for $19 US or sign up for the free App Studio here.

# Download the Preview for Developers app

#Go to settings --> phone update --> check for updates and install GDR3 without carrier interference.

Thanks gamepop7