A Sony Google Phone!

This heading is enough to give goosebumps to me.

Yesterday I went to check out and have a proper hands-on for the Sony Z1. I must have played with it for like healthy 20 minutes, and that's more than enough for the geek in me to understand it. Its awesome. Yes the screen needs to be having better viewing angles and Yes the camera UI and its 8mp mode needs a bit of work. 20mp stills seem to be better but its a little frustrating when the UI keeps jumping back to "Superior Auto".

Anyways. Then i saw this LG Nexus 5 leaked fully, and it looks terrible IMO. I've also extensively used a Nexus 4 of my friend. Its fast and stuff. But its not attractive. Not the way Z1 or the Z is really.

So HTC (G1 and N1), Samsung, LG, all have made their 2 pure Google phones. And after buying Moto.. we're already seeing the results with Moto X (and Google doesn't want to look anti-competitive by making a Moto Nexus).

That leaves them with Sony.

If somehow Google figures out working with Sony, fixes the freaking camera, gets a better screen. THIS is going to be the bomb.

What say fellas?