Pixel Shift App Redesign - Netflix

Another week, another redesign.

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This week, by popular demand, I've tackled the Netflix app!

As always, leave your feedback - good or bad, I welcome it all - just keep it respectful. We're all Android fans that want to see better apps. Let's keep this as a constructive discussion. With that said, enjoy!

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Probably the biggest issue with the Netflix app is that it's not a native application. Instead, it's just a wrapper around a mobile web app. This results in the application not only looking bad but also performing very poorly. The experience could be 100x better if they built the app for Android. Of course this isn't just an Android issue - the iOS app is just the same. But we don't care about iOS, we want a great Android app!


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One of the issues with going the web-wrapper route, is that you can't provide device specific resources. The current app has not been updated to support the latest generation of Android devices, resulting in many graphics looking low-res and small. By going native, the hope would be that the app could provide a beautiful, crisp experience that really showcases the awesome cover arts and feature graphics.


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It wouldn't be a native app without a sliding navigation menu! The Netflix app definitely needs this.


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A cleaned up and modernized "player" interface would greatly enhance the experience of doing what the app's main purpose is... to play videos! Of course the app will continue to support the Chromecast.


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The best way to watch movies / TV shows is definitely on a large screen device. Again, going native would allow the app to provide the user the absolute best way to browse and play their favorite shows.


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The extra space on tablets would really allow Netflix to show off the shows more - make it more visual and appealing - get people more immersed into it.


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Finally, the app would provide more insight into the shows, such as by listing the characters in a large, beautiful way.

So, that's Netflix redone. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and to those asking, a dedicated blog for Pixel Shift is coming soon. But don't worry, I'll continue to post them here on the Verge as well.