Android OEMs or Google should design an open connector compatible with current standards and future ones

When Apple announced Lightning, their digital connector currently used on their products, people made fun of it because it was proprietary, accessories would lose compatibility, all that sort of thing. But no one can deny its superiority to standards such as the MicroUSB port that became the norm on Android phones from various OEMs.

We need a connector that, as Lightning, has the option of offering USB 3.0 in the near future, can be plugged both ways (this bugs me out and I know it bugs most of you as well) and is smaller than the current hideous huge backwards compatible with MicroUSB ports you see on the Note 3.

Why stop at USB 3.0, directional ambiguity and sleeker design? All Android phones should support a single standard of HDMI output, of OTG cabling, all that sort of stuff. The Nexus 4 not natively supporting OTG is ridiculous. It's one of the technologies you see on Android with the biggest potential. And with MHL, some adaptors aren't even compatible with phones made by the same OEM (looking at you, Sammy).

One way of doing this is Google coming up with a new connector standard open to all, but it shouldn't be something only they could do. HTC, Sony, whatever OEM out there, or all of them together, should design this and make it open. Popularize it. Make it so that people that like the new Sony flagship don't think twice when they'll end up losing their accessories coming from HTC, or vice-versa. If done by one manufacturer only, everybody loses. This will be something frowned upon when buying devices from that company and when going from that to others.

I'm not saying that USB 3.0 is something that we need right now. Flash is too slow, and that's a limitation that will take a while to go away. Even when flash is made smaller, they won't "RAID" it to make it faster --as it is done with SSDs nowadays--, they'll just enjoy the room it's giving them to make smaller, thinner and lighter phones. But it's something that needs to be thought of now, to ease the transfer. Make it so everybody has time to update, upgrade, OEMs to plan better, like Apple did. They're not using USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt or whatever at the moment-- but when they do, people won't lose their accessories. And as this was done a couple of years ago, compatibility won't be an issue, as this is the new standard and already adopted by the majority of people.

Do you guys agree with me? Do you see this being done? Do you think there's a better way of solving this issue?