Need Help Deciding On A Laptop


Please all opinions and advices are welcome and necessary. I'm kinda in a fix, I'll be buying a new laptop soon and the laptop I want to get is the Asus N550JV DB72T (I picked Asus because of the price, build quality, design, specs and best of all; international warranty) but I'm kinda worried about the glossy touchscreen. Believe me I've used windows 8 with a touchscreen laptop ie. a HP M7 and it's cool but the smudges were really annoying and getting outright disgusting.

The alternative is to buy the non touchscreen version, it comes with a Matte display (Asus N550JV DB71). I can work with Windows 8 without touchscreen but I really feel it should be used with a touch.

Disregarding my personal Bias towards touchscreens, please what's your advice and how would you go about this?

Thanks to everyone !

BTW Here's a pic of the Laptop: