Why I won't buy Samsung Galaxy phones

I currently own a htc one google play edition but was seriously considering gs4 since my contract was up. I choose the former because of the following:

1. Samsung is giving a bad reputation to android. Stop with the copying Samsung. Everyone knows you shamelessly copy Apple. Look at S-Voice. Now they're saying they will do 64bit even though android is not meant for 64bit. Samsung spends too much time looking at Apple and copying. TheVerge says next year Samsung will have a fingerprint scanner as well. Stop it Samsung. You're too powerful to just be copying Apple. You are better than this.

2. Touchwiz is too bloated. I understand that Samsung uses it's marketing department to come up with features they can spend billions of dollars advertising as the "wow" factor. But they are not useful. Software should be left to Google. You can do marketing based on hardware innovations instead. I don't know where the software bloat will end. Every year there are more "features" added to touchwiz. I've used a friends gs4 and it lags because it can't handle all the bloat. Samsung is in too deep and can't remove any of these gimmicks from future products now but they can stop adding more.

3. Competition. I feel if i support Samsung (or Apple) i am going against competition. The hipster in me always like to support the underdog company. Samsung and Apple make 95% of the revenues of all smartphone oems. I don't want this to get worse. If I buy galaxy products than other oems will die or get acquired. HTC is one example. I don't want them to seize to exist because they don't have a high enough marketing budget.

4. Android is more than the galaxy brand. I know gs3-4 is really popular, and i've seen all my friends switch to it because it's the only android phone they know. I don't like it. People should know what android is and not just what galaxy is. Apple has done a good job education people about the software used in iphones so why can't Google? I like the new android TV news that was reported a few days ago. I feel If i buy a galaxy phone i'm buying into the hype of the galaxy brand. Even though people have come up to me and asked what phone i have, they don't remember htc one, they will most likely still choose a galaxy phone because it's synonymous to "droid" for them.

I've been thinking a lot about this, and personally I think us tech nerds should buy non Samsung galaxy products if we can to stop the monopoly and help competition even if it means going for the second best option. Does anyone else feel this way?