I just demo'ed my Nokia Lumia 920 to a coworker...

And she was blown away by the features. She's currently an iPhone 4 user. She asked me about recommendations for a new phone. I asked what did she cared about the most, which was photos and social networks. Bingo.

I showed her the People hub with contacts and social network integration, integrated chat/text, camera, sample photos I've taken in the dark, editing apps. Told her about how some say that there's a lack of apps, and then told her about third-party apps, demo'ed those (6Sec, 6Tag, MetroTube), plus the first-party ones like Netflix, Facebook. She also appreciated the speed and fluidity of the OS.

She was definitely impressed. Even more so when I told her she could get a 920 for 99 cents. But she apparently is attracted to the 1020.

Regardless, it's fun to see people's reaction to Windows Phone, and how many have no idea of the cool stuff you get with the operating system by default. Speaks also of where Microsoft's marketing has failed, unfortunately.

I think she'll get the 1020. :)