Would you guys consider increasing the edit time limit?

It doesn't happen every time I post, but I often find myself running out the clock on the edit time limit after I realize that I've made a terrible mistake.

It often goes like this:

  1. I post a comment.
  2. I switch away to read an article or browse somewhere.
  3. I figure out a better way to word the thing I just wrote.
  4. I backtrack to the post I just made.
  5. I make the edit with five seconds to spare.
  6. I realize that making that edit grammatically breaks another part of the sentence or paragraph, thus ruining the terrifying impact of my world-weary snark.
  7. I try to fix the other part, vainly trying to clutch at the dissipating finesse of my argument.
  8. and I run out of time.

Then I weep the bitter tears of a doofus.

Does this affect anybody else, or am I just particularly inept at forming coherent thoughts with a keyboard? I do sympathize with the argument that we should try to work out our thoughts ahead of time, but come on, sometimes we fail in that regard. That's why we have the edit capability.

Thirty to sixty more seconds would make me super happy.

Sorry if this is an issue that's been raised many, many times before.