An Apple Fans Android journey

First a bit about me, I have 5 years experience as an IT manager, and have had an iPhone since 2007 when the first one was launched. I'm using a MacBook Pro as well. However, when they didn't increase the screen size I decided to try something different.

i sold my iPhone 5 and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on October 4th I've been researching different devices but decided on the Note due to the needs of my job and being on the phone a lot.

What I like:

Widgets- pretty nice, being able to see my daily bible verse, information at a glance, etc is nice

Google connection- I find that looking up information with the way google search is integrated is a lot faster and nicer

screen size- having a 5.7" screen is pretty awesome, even a 5" screen would be nice

notifications- I think androids notifications are a lot better than iOS

customization- all the ways I can change up my phone and functionality, select default apps, etc is pretty nice

What I don't like:

The longer I use my phone during the day a noticeable lag shows up, and I actually have to close apps, it has happened almost every day where I click on something and there is a noticeable lapse before the action completes

typing-I personally feel like typing was a lot easier on my iPhone

Media- the iPhones handling of Music, Videos, Pictures, etc. is a lot better, it was a gigantic pain to get my media on my Note 3. File transfer programs like Android File Transfer wouldn't even detect my phone, and Samsung own Kies program crashed after every 100-150 files would transfer requiring a restart of both my computer and device to get Kies to recognize my device again. I have my 1100 songs, 1,000 photos, and a handful of videos on my Note 3 but it's less than stellar experience with many of the different programs I've tried. Even now for some reason I have a some videos that inexplicably play upside down despite every effort to adjust settings to prevent it.

App store "extras"- I downloaded a live wallpaper and I got "an extra app!" As well as some risqué pictures in my gallery!

Overall Experience- I just feel like the experience is subpar, App wise I think the same apps are inferior than the ones I had on my iPhone, and just ease of use, moving around the phone I feel is a bit more cumbersome.

Integration- I knew I was giving some of this up when I switched but I miss my iPhone/MacBook Pro/ iPad Mini integration. I have some of that using Chrome on my computer and Note 3 but I think it was better with Apple, especially with reading list and easily being able to save stuff to read later for when I'm home on my iPad.

i understand I've only had it for 11 days but again due to my job I'm on my phone a lot, and I might be missing something built into Android, but this is just my honest assessment of my experience so far, I could see myself returning to Apple if they come out with a bigger screen iPhone.