Sony is easily becoming my next favorite tech company next to Apple

(first off, I'm posting this in Apple Core rather than The Lens because I feel [assume] that there would be more people here interested in discussing both Sony and Apple vs. the other forum.)

I'm not saying this because of the things that they're doing with mobile tech. I do believe their VAIO and Xperia devices are quite solid, however. Instead, I'm watching how they've consistently managed to blow me away with the strides they're making in the world of cameras.

It first started with the release of both the Sony RX1 and RX100 sometime last year. Holy jebus are they amazing pieces of tech. As someone who makes a living using Canon DSLRs w/ multiple lenses, I've been slowly tempted to lose the heavy gear and spring for Sony's new sexiness.

Now, with the announcement of their new line of Full-Frame compacts, I'm completely dumbfounded. I want these. So bad. Just as bad as I want a new iPad. Sure, the QX10 and QX100 could use some more fleshing-out, but I just love the fact that they're trying.

I don't think I've drooled over tech this much since the Macbook Air and both iDevices were introduced. The Playstation is cool and all, but when it comes to cameras, I think Sony is changing the game much like Apple changed mobile. Sure, there have been compact cameras with interchangeable lenses before the Alpha 7's, and there were definitely high end point & shoots before the RX100, but they never came in such a great overall package the way Sony is bringing it.

I dunno about you, but 2013 is turning out to be a really exciting year of tech for me with the new iPads, MBAs, iPhones, RX100 Mk2, Alpha 7/7R, and maybe even the Nexus 5.

What are your thoughts on Sony's latest "comeback"?