We Still Have A Lot to Cover: What to Expect from Tuesday's Apple Event


It's official: On Tuesday, October 22, Apple will hold an event to unveil the next generation of iPad's, new Mac's, and OS X Mavericks. What should you expect from Tuesday's keynote? Here's everything you should expect to see:

The New iPad


The most certain thing you can expect from Tuesday's event is the 5th generation iPad. The new iPad will feature a new design, the first redesign since the iPad 2, inspired by the iPad mini. Expect it to literally be a giant iPad mini. Though the screen size will remain the same, the new iPad will be both thinner and easier to hold in one hand due to the fact it will inherit the iPad mini's thin bezel.

The new iPad will also feature either an A7, or an A7X. Since the iPad 2, Apple has introduced the X chip in this generation of processor with a new iPad, although there is no evidence that this will happen once again, especially considering the A7 just came out (and is pretty great anyways). As of right now, don't get your hopes up for Touch ID, it seems Apple is keeping that a 5s exclusive for now.

The new iPad will likely launch on November 1, with pre-orders immediately following the event. It will continue to start at $499 base-line, although it seems as if we might (finally) get a storage bump, doubled across the line.

The iPad mini with Retina Display


At Tuesday's event, we will most likely see the long awaited iPad mini with Retina Display, although this will not be the 2nd generation iPad mini. It seems that Apple will consider this an entirely new line of iPad, starting at $399. The price bump will likely be because the new screen will add some more price, and the margins on the current iPad mini are slim to begin with.

If Apple stays in line with their making every device bump to retina 4x the resolution, this iPad will likely have a resolution of 2048x1536, the same as the current iPad, giving it an insane PPI of 324 (the current iPad is 263). Also, once again, expect no Touch ID.

If Apple does consider this a whole new line of iPad, it is likely they will choose to make an A7X, and include it in the mini with retina display, but not the 2nd gen mini, as an extra incentive to buy the retina. Expect this to also go on sale on November 1, with pre-orders immediately following the event.

The New iPad mini


We don't know exactly how Apple will handle the naming with the iPad mini yet, but for now let's just refer to it as the new iPad mini. As said before, Apple will likely give the Retina display to a new product, and not to the standard iPad mini.

The new iPad mini will likely have the A7, as well as am improved camera, but don't expect much else from this. The new big thing about this iPad mini will be it's price. Considering Apple will now sell a 3rd iPad line, you can expect the price of the standard iPad mini to go down to the $250-$300 range. Expect a November 1 launch with pre-orders immediately following the event.

OS X Mavericks


Behind the new iPad, this is the most sure thing about this event. Apple will officially launch OS X Mavericks at Tuesday's event. We already know everything about OS X Mavericks, and a GM has already been handed out to developers, which why you can expect the new OS X to launch on the Mac App Store on Tuesday.

The more interesting thing to talk about here is the possibility that Apple may begin making OS X updates free. At Apple's September event, they announced that iLife and iWork would both be free on iOS (which could also soon be true about the OS X versions), and they haven't charged for iPhone updates in years. Also, consider that calling Mavericks a major update is really stretching it (at least to the average consumer). Although the Finder and Multiple Display features are great for power users, the average user is not going to pay for an updated Calendar app, a Maps app, and iBooks on their mac.

MacBooks and Mac mini


Expect the MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and the Mac mini to all receive some minor updates and Haswell bumps as well.

Mac Pro


Lastly, expect to finally find out all the details on Apple's long awaited Mac Pro refresh. We don't know much about this one, but expect it to ship sometime between November and March for $3500+.

Remember, these are all predictions, and we won't know for sure until next week. Do you think I'm correct? What do you think Apple will announce? Let me know in the comments!