Thoughts on COD BO 2 (Or Ghosts) vs. BF4

I spent most of my weekend playing the battlefield 4 open beta and I must say it was AMAZING. I know its not the correct "etiquette" when posing a question to favor one side or another, but in this case I think it is appropriate. Things I loved about Battlefield; 1. High Quality Graphics 2. Extremely well made gameplay 3. Ability to drive vehicles 4. Map destruction 5. Good physics engines I used to be a COD fan, but after Black Ops 2 came out I wanted something new. My take on what COD does: 1. Takes guns, perks game modes from previous COD's and buffs and debuffs guns. I remember playing Black ops 1 how they had to debuff 3-5 guns because they were extremely over powered. Similar case in Black ops 2. 2. Terrible community, the black ops 2 community is filled with trolls, hackers and noisy teenagers that swear unnecessarily just to seem "superior" 3. Terrible logic as seen in this video : In conclusion I am making the switch from COD to battlefield.