Where the heck is my 8.1 update? UPDATE: Still, nowhere to be seen

Ok, guys, I'm at the end of my tether now. Since 1630 IST (essentially 4:00 PDT), I've been opening ther Windows Store over and over, looking for the big box entitled "Windows 8.1".

It's still not her, at 1910 IST. I've repeatedly switched my region between US and India (where I live) each time I try, and restart. I can't bear it anymore. Help, please.

What are the conditions under which the update wouldn't show up?

PS: I'm (kinda obviously) running Windows 8 Pro on my desktop PC.

UPDATE:Ok, I've done pretty much everything you guys have told me to in the comments section (which I'm really grateful for. Thanks, guys. :-) ), but I still can't see it anywhere. My computer is still running the very latest and greatest version of... Windows 8.

Come on, people, is there anything I haven't tried yet?