Why Our Behavior Must Be Our Proprietary Property

Of Course data analytics has a minutely detailed file on you!

These files are not only on you, but they also include, where you have been, who you talk to, what you buy, what you read, what is on your hard drive, how you dress and where you wear certain out fits, who you hang out with, how often you do these things, what hours and days you do them. They collect and analyze your written or spoken thoughts, the roads you drive, the places you walk, They track, collect, analyze, categorize, all of your behavior, run this data through sophisticated algorithms which can predict what you will do next, when you will do it, and most likely what you are most likely to think or create next.

The probability of a mistaken guess is 94-98%. What is the point? That kind of predictability is worth a fortune to those who have a compelling reason to be able to know about and predict your behavior. Billions$ are spent by anyone who has a motive to and a way to use your future behavior.

Who paid the costs for your mind to think and your body to act?

You did. You used your own assets, (money) to buy enough calories to make your mind and body function or live. You bought your own clothes, you purchased your own wireless and Internet services, you bought the equipment to use these channels, you paid to receive, read, comprehend and send personal or professional messages that your say, tweet, e-mail or photograph. You paid for the contents of your mind and you pay to keep your education and skills stored there. You paid for the energy to heat your house, run your car, light your rooms, ride your bike. You paid for all that you know and will pay for all that you will think, create, use, throw away. You payed for everything that preceded the moment when you moved your Mouse, Clicked it, dialed a number, took something off the shelf, or ingested it.

Is it lawful to own something? Is it illegal to take our property and use it without our consent ?

YOU BET YOUR BIPPY, IT IS!!! In our country, Common and Case Law says that anything you buy, think, produce, make or own that you acquired lawfully belongs to you. It is your property and the law says that you can use anything you own in any lawful way you wish. It also is clear that is is illegal for others to take your property without your knowledge or against your will. It is illegal for others to use your property in ways and with others that you did not consent to. Rape, Breaking and Entering, Hit and Run Accidents, Shooting a bullet into you are some examples of how the Law views your body as your property and have described how it is illegal for others to take or use your property without your knowledge and/or against your will. Your ownership extends to anything you create. Your inventions, works of art, novel thoughts, books and papers, AND sentient choices are your property. Complex puzzle solving have value, and if you thought it and did it, it is your property. By the way, you will consume 90%+ of your time and energy , your whole life's earnings ,o act, buy, think and do all the rest of your life. You work and pay to live. You life is your property and your right to keep it, use it, and make a profit from it.


BECAUSE WE ARE LETTING THEM STEAL OUR PROPERTY AND SELL IT AT A HIGH PROFIT. What would you do if you saw a Mountain Dew Ad painted on your car? Would it be right if Gerbert tattooed their logo on you children. What are your rights when your computer has been hacked and someone took, made and profited from your cure for human cancer.that is what Big Data is doing when they "monetize" the data they get on your thoughts and behavior, and resale it. Why do top secret corporate and government projects cover-up the people, their meetings, their GPS patterns, their ideas their papers, their phone calls, tweets, everything they do, from the enemy or their competition? Because when you know a persons behavior in detail, you you have a 95% probability that you can hurt them, take their property, or steal their profits, and sell those things at a great profit.