Aviate users: how's it going so far?

I installed Aviate on the 15th along with many other Verge users that day, and have decided I will give it two weeks to see how it settles in and whether or not I like using it. How is everyone else doing with it so far?

One complaint I have is the management of Spaces. I was using the Places module (is this Foursquare data?) and happened to click on the pool of my complex but didn't check in. Now Aviate usually switches to the pool's Space instead of the Home Space when I'm actually at home. I'm sure this has more to do with my close proximity to the pool, but I can't find any way to remove it from the Spaces list.

So far it seems to be doing okay switching between Spaces appropriately, though it hasn't figured out my "work" location because I'm a consultant and am in many different locations throughout the week. I do like the concept of the different Spaces though and am interested to see how they develop it further.

Some things on my wish list:

  • Allow custom icon packs
  • Allow custom Collections
  • Tighter or customizable margins on the home page and Collections page