What annoys me on Windows 8.1: any help is welcomed

I downloaded the update today and while there are a few very nice additions I do seem to have a few problems since the update. Any help is greatly appreciated. I do admit a lot of these things are nitpicking but here it goes anyway:

1. The desktop file explorer.

I really hate the fact that I cannot hide ALL of the folders. in the navigation window. The same goes for the folders in the "my PC" section. I'd love to at least hide them (but that doesn't seem to work either) Since I have most files on Skydrive and only few are locally stored. The libraries were a better sollution for me. Luckily I can unhide these from the file explorer. Which brings us to my next annoyance...

2. Skydrive file explorer.

I love metro and I love Skydrive. What I don't like however is that the customization of the skydrive app is extremely limited. I don't want to see every folder listed...I'd rather have a few options on how to order them and which need to appear and which I don't need to see. Again, libraries are missing...(I know they wanted to phase them out because they were "confusing" If anyone can give me a hint on how to add these to the skydrive file explorer I would be extremely happy.

3. Searching on the internet via the search charm

For some reason I get a lot of white hero search results with almost nothing in them. It's either very slow, or bugged. I have no idea...

4. Performance

I'm having some trouble with the performance of 8.1 for some reason it froze up entirely today. I never ever had this with Windows 8.

5. The photo app

For some reason It's extremely slow in showing me my pictures from Skydrive. I've tried making my pictures available offline but it doesn't seem to help at all...

Everything else is perfect. I am mainly making this post to try and find a few sollutions to my problems.