Would a Blackberry keyboard sell phones?

So the most recent rumor about who will buy Blackberry is Lenovo. I'm not an expert on the most valuable parts of Blackberry, be it patents, enterprise software, BB10, or hardware, but I do know that there are many people who still want a physical keyboard in a mobile phone. Yes, many have switched away, since BB has offered nothing worth buying in the past 3+ years.

The only phone with a full keyboard I ever had was a Dell Venue Pro. It was ok, but I mostly used the software keyboard, since eventually some of the keys (specifically "delete" and "enter") stopped working. But it was clear to me that after using it even for a couple days, I made a lot fewer errors. I still hate autocorrect on phones, and I think the iPhone's is the worst, hence damnyouautocrrect.com being basically all iPhone texts.

My question is:

If Lenovo did buy Blackberry, for example, would a phone marketed with a Blackberry keyboard sell? Samsung seems to be successfully marketing its Galaxy Notes to businessmen or people who want to get a lot done, and it was never a secret that Blackeberry keyboards were absolutely excellent. If Lenovo or someone made a phone with Android or Windows Phone, and marketed it with a Blackberry keyboard to business professionals and heavy texters, would that give it an edge? It's an important differentiator. I think a portrait slider like the BB Storm would be perfect, with a 3.5-4" screen, since the Q10's screen was too small.

Anyone interested in that? Thoughts?