Why do people say iOS 7 is a copy of Android?

It seems that everyone has a very short memory of what Android used to look like. Its entire homescreen layout is based off the iphone minus a few elements.

3 big elements of iOS 1, iOS 2 and iOS 7 are in the new Android 4.4 screenshot. The dock which didn't exist in Android in its inception is from iOS 1, The dot page indicator is from iOS 2 and now the transparent notification bar in Android 4.4 is from iOS 7.

I was an Android user from day 1 and now that I'm iPhone user, I see value in both platforms but it seems that iOS takes a lot shit for "copying" when in fact the rise of Android happen at Android 2.1 and on in which it adapted elements from iOS.

They both have copied off each other and Im perfectly fine with that. How stubburn would it be for a tech company not adopt a good ideal because it has an ego problem


via i.imgur.com