I’ve come to a sobering conclusion about myself: I’m not a very active person. Despite maintaining a gym membership and only the best intentions, I still prefer to read, watch TV, and play games. This is precisely why I’ve never invested in a fitness-tracking gadget — if I’m not moving that much, what is there to really track? I’ve had no interest in the current crop of fitness trackers on the market, many of which are either dumb wristbands or require being clipped to my waist.

But the new Fitbit Force promises to be more than that. I do wear a watch, and I’ve even grown to like my Pebble watch for its notification capabilities. The Force can purportedly replace my wristwatch and my Pebble, all the while keeping track of my activity (or lack thereof) throughout the day. Is this the fitness tracker to finally get me out of a chair more often?