About the earpiece of the Nexus 5

Well, almost everything is said and done with the upcoming Nexus 5. At least on the hardware side of the story. Thanks to the all kind of leaks we have seen in the recent weeks, we already know screen, SoC, RAM, internal storage, camera, bands, sensors etcetera.

BUT... There's something that has me intrigued and curious. Something that led me to this serious question...

Am I the only one confused with the earpiece design on this phone?

I mean, it looks so small and weird...


via cdn0.sbnation.com

I did like the earpiece on the Nexus 4 as it was big and in the line with what we usually see it's being put on most of the phones, but this time I don't know what to think and I've been unable to think about reasons as to why this change has been made or what kind of benefits this could/will bring.

What do you guys think about this? Is there any explanation or good reason for this change in design?