Show more live tiles on your start screen.

I like many people have been waiting with baited breath for the new Windows 8.1 update to drop just so I could take advantage of the new smaller tiles sizes and fit more useful tiles into a smaller space on my Surface RT. However, after tinkering about with all the lovely new settings in 8.1, I stumbled across a setting to enable "Show more tiles" on my start screen, resulting in (for me) a much more efficient start screen.

Now from what I can tell this is a setting that was available for larger screened Windows PCs in version 8 and now Microsoft have enabled this feature for all Windows devices. Is that correct? Or did I just completely miss this feature and now feel like a bit of tool?

Anyway, see what I mean below.





If you're like me and were oblivious to this previously, to enable it just go to Start and then bring up your settings charm, then click "Tiles", and then toggle "Show more tiles".

Sorry if this is common knowledge and everyone already knows about it, it's just I'd never seen it before now so I thought there may be others like myself.