Classify yourself: what type of forum commenter are you?

radderthanrad, you are the "Casually serious" forum member. You pretend to be neutral, or at least try, in most discussions, but you occasionally flirt with long debate threads in which your personal preferences are usually revealed. As calm as you try to portray yourself, you check for replies to your comments on a daily basis and you're usually quick to reply back to those who disagree with you. You do, however, have the sense to know when to let things go when you realize that emotions are starting to overly affect your opinions and will visit another forum to cool off for a few hours. Jalopnik may not be your favorite place on the web, but at least you know you'll have a pretty good laugh and learn a little something about cars from the gearheads posting there.



I'd like to consider myself the "Internet Professor" type, but I know I'm not that well-read and I'm also not the type of commenter to call other posters "ignoramuses*".

*This thread brought to you by observing certain types in comment threads and having a little self-awareness. This is meant to be light-hearted, though, so feel free to take a funny, but kind, dig at your type.