Lack of good Windows 8.1 tablets bothersome

Why is it that apart from Surface Pro there are no good portable Windows 8.1 tablets with Wacom?

The only 8" tablet with active digitizer is Dell Venue Pro 8 and its based on Synaptics technology (I am sure most people would have preferred Wacom even at a slightly higher price point). Very disappointed that Lenovo is peddling a capacitive pen with their Miix 8, a device that I was watching with great interest for months now.

So, my question is why is no company making a Windows 8 x86 tablet in 8" form factor with Wacom? A device like that would be a perfect tool for on-the-go note taking for lectures, meetings etc using OneNote.

Also, its mind boggling that none of the announced 8" Windows tablets are Full HD. I can understand many people would be willing to pay extra for this. Windows buyers won't expect this to hit Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire price points but for $100 extra why is this not even an option in this day and age when even my phone is 1080p?

Seems like the focus for all Windows OEMs have been to hit the low price points to compete with the Android tablets, but they are losing sight of other features that may make them stand out, like full HD screens, active digitizer etc..

As someone who is somewhat platform agnostic, likes Android OS, and prefers Windows, I can't imagine going to a non-FHD screen after seeing how much better the Nexus 7 2013 display is compared to the previous year (reading is much less straining on the eyes, less haziness in everything, its indisputably a huge upgrade).

Surface Pro 2 seems like the only decent option and judging by what other OEMs have shown, the slump in traditional PC sales will most likely continue for most and they themselves would be to blame.