Travel Accessories madness / consolidation

Adapter / Accessories madness.

Today i compiled a list of what i would need to take with me if i went on my next trip coming up in early november sans laptop. The amount of adapters and cables i would still need to bring is pretty staggering. Keep in mind, this stuff is all pretty small, and fits in less than half a back pack, i'll be traveling on the road for a long period of time, so power is one of my priorities.

I was honestly pretty shocked when i finished compiling it, immediately looking for ways to consolidate my list, but there's no real way in terms of cables. (and i really want to stay dual platform) One thing i found was the 5 port charger by anker, which can charge both my devices, my wife's iphone and one of my anker's all at the same time, but even with this, i still bring a individual charger for each of us incase we have to split up etc. (same thinking with the spare battery)

But as the list grew, i started to feel like woz. (and slightly crazy) What do you guys take on long trips? Have any of you also ditched the laptop on occasions where you're traveling but have no production work to do?

Any other consolidation tips (Besides loosing an extra battery or AC adapter)?

Here's my ridiculous road list:

  1. Apple Lightning to VGA
  2. Apple Lightning to HDMI
  3. Apple Lightning to USB 2.0 cable
  4. Apple 30-pin Dock Connector
  5. (2) Micro USB cables
  6. (2) Micro USB 3.0 9-pin cables
  7. Samsung MHL 2.0 HDMI adapter
  8. OTG USB 3.0 adapter
  9. 1/8th" headphone cable
  10. MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter
  11. HDMI cable
  12. (2) Anker 3200 mAh Note 3 Batteries.
  13. (1) Samsung 3200 mAh Note 3 Battery.
  14. Anker 10,000 mAh battery pack
  15. Anker 15,000 mAh battery pack
  16. (2) apple 5v @ 1amp USB chargers
  17. Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse
  18. Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Folding Keyboard
  19. Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i
  20. Optoma 50 lumen battery powered HDMI Pico Projector
  21. Western Digital 2TB portable USB 3.0 Hard drive
  22. 64gb micro SD