EDITED: An Open Challenge To Topolsky (Hi, J. Tops)


Let's talk. During yesterday's Vergecast, you spent a whopping Five Minutes and Fifty-Nine Seconds covering the release of Windows 8.1. To put this in context, you spent FORTY-THREE MINUTES covering the single issue of whether the unreleased Apple Television Set will sport 1080p or 4K. The dismissiveness and disdain with which you treated the Windows release was...well...disheartening. I am disheartened, sir.

This post isn't meant to be a kvetch-fest, though.

Ever the optimist, I think there was a moment of hope in the Vergecast - a point of inflection of sorts - I am speaking, of course, about your passing comment that,

"You know, every few days, I'll have this errant thought where I'm like...maybe I'll just go to Microsoft services...full Outlook, Bing, but then I'm like no."

What if you said YES?

In 2011, when I switched from Apple/Google to Microsoft's ecosystem (cold turkey) it was a different landscape. The transition sucked, but I accepted that it would because I was a [really] early adopter. Today, Microsoft's ecosystem is nothing short of brilliant. Office 365, SkyDrive, FB/Twitter/LinkedIn integration into the OS, Outlook, Xbox Games/Music are all tied together to deliver what is starting to become a seamless experience. It trumps the stuff Google puts out and it matches or beats Apple as well.

I guess what I'm saying is that Microsoft is ready for you, Joshua. It's ready. So, so ready.

So, what do you say? Switch over to an all-Microsoft life for 4 weeks. Paul Miller was completely unplugged from the Internet for a year and he said it changed his life. This is a much smaller commitment than that, but I believe it will change your perspective and your opinion about what Microsoft is doing to make itself relevant, and ubiquitous, in the future.



EDIT: Josh, this post has gotten an overwhelming response in the comments section - including a nod by none other than Tom Warren himself...could we trouble you to indulge the Tribe with a Yes (or no) answer?