Smartwatches are the next Bluetooth Headsets

I was commenting this in another site when I decided to post this here to see what are the thoughts of this community.

People said that the SmartWatch is the next big tech category, which is not so, but I will say it will not be in the scale of smartphones and tablets, yet it will always be around to provide neat features.

I believe the SmartWatch is a smaller subset of the phone and tablet markets, in the same way Bluetooth headsets are also a subset market of the phone and tablet market.

Think of it as the same market size and type as Bluetooth headsets. Some of us have them, there are plenty, some better than others, some more useful than others, but at the end of the day not necessary, but still nice to have.

My point being, the phone is the primary device, the SmartWatch will be a secondary since the phone does almost everything better and is required for the SmartWatch in the same way as a Bluetooth headset is.

But the SmartWatch has to do 2 thing better (maybe 3-4 other features that are the "nice to have" category) which is tell time and notifications when the phone is in the pocket or not in your hands

Similar to how a Bluetooth headset offers a better way to talk on the phone without holding a phone. Placing the caller on speaker being the alternative.

The major difference in the two categories are that Bluetooth Headsets have a low bar to entry, so there are a lot of players, since no GUI design is needed, and its primary function is well defined now.

If it can reach that level reliability and convenience of a Bluetooth headset its a win, albeit not a win the tech journalist and Wall Street expect.

My ideal SmartWatch, pretty much Pebble, with the added ability to tap a notification and have the phone open the related app, so when I dig the phone out of my pocket the app will be already be there opened up for me. Everything else a SmartWatch can offer is just nice to have.