The Verge is broken on IE11

Whilst this doesn't appear to happen to everyone, The Verge site simply doesn't work on my 3 Windows 8.1 machines using IE11, as well as my friend's completely separate laptop running IE11 and Windows 8.1.

Instead, it looks like this


Using the IE11 developer tools (F12), the problem resolves itself if I set the "document mode" to "Edge".


"Edge" is the preferred mode in IE11, but The Verge is overwriting this and setting it to "7" - thus causing the issues.

Edge is the Document Mode of Internet Explorer 11 that always recognizes the latest modern web standards. Starting with Internet Explorer 11, new versions of IE will not be introducing new version-specific document modes. We suggest that you update any site that currently relies on legacy features and older document modes to render modern web standards.

Starting with IE11, document modes are deprecated and should no longer be used, except on a temporary basis. Make sure to update sites that rely on legacy features and document modes to reflect modern standards.

If you must target a specific document mode so that your site functions while you rework it to support modern standards and features, be aware that you're using a transitional feature, one that may not be available in future versions.

If you currently use the x-ua-compatible header to target a legacy document mode, it's possible your site won't reflect the best experience available with IE11. For more info, see

Looking at The Verge's source, it seems that the x-ua-compatible header is included. Perhaps removing it would fix the issue?

Would be awesome to have someone look at this!