Best Device For University Linguistics

Hey guys.

I'm heading to University next year, where I'll be doing a Bachelor based around linguistics and Asian-based languages, particularly Japanese. I'm just wondering if any of you could recommend a nice device for me to go with. I wrote device because I'm open to laptops, tablets and hybrids, and I love both Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks, so please keep that in mind when giving me a recommendation. I don't have a budget, so go crazy with what you recommend.

I believe the ideal priorities will be:

  • High pixel density, for discerning Japanese Kanji
  • Pretty good battery life (though, with an awesome screen, I know miracles can't be worked)
  • A touchscreen with stylus support would be nice, but if you're recommending Apple, just forget about this. It's more of a "nice to have".

Thanks in advance. :-)