Did 8.1 get rid of "suspended apps" from 8.1 Preview?

I upgraded my Surface RT from the RT 8.1 preview to the full version and it now seems like there is no longer a suspended state. For those who don't know what I'm referring to, in the 8.1 preview when you "closed" an app by dragging down from the top, it just suspended it and didn't close it completely. It would also throw you back to the same screen you were on when you closed it. To completely take the app out of memory, you would drag down and wait till the thumbnail flipped into an icon and then it would be closed.

I tried this with my Surface after upgrading and it seems like every app starts from scratch whenever you close it, even if it wasn't the drag-hold. This kinda sucks because apps take a while to launch again. Can anyone else who had the RT 8.1 preview confirm that they're experiencing this post upgrade to the full version?