4.4/Nexus 5 thread

Hello fellow Android fanatics! With Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 kitkat right around the corner, we are dying for the release of them both to enhance the Android experience. There has been a crazy amount of Nexus 5 leaks, and we have a good idea of the amazing phone we are getting. With the Nexus 5 we get some monster specs at a great price, and most Nexus fans are just drooling at the though of it. We also have had a gigantic amount of ridiculous and some pretty spot on (from what we think we know) predictions of 4.4. I've heard everything from a dedicated Google now home screen page, a stock launcher on the play store, removal of gallery, removal of SMS and sure fire things like more layered payment support and printer support also. As you can see in the leak play render (http://goo.gl/LPkDtE) we can already see small changes in stock android, and things that look to become available in the "Google Experience" launcher. Camera and Phone icons are different, a different app drawer icon, the space surrounding the onscreen soft keys are now transparent, folders color change, and white status icons on top. This is just some quick hand notes, and I am sure there are more leaks and big ideas I have missed.

I open this thread to you to share kitkat news, leaks, Nexus 5 updates, screenshots and whatever else to better inform the Android community. Share what features you are most excited to see on kitkat and would like to see! I hope this thread helps and informs people.