When is google going to allow devs to release apps for chromecast?

They have sold a ton of them, but I am pretty shocked at how long it's taking for google to finalize the sdk and allow devs to release chromecastable apps.

I saw this article and it points the blame at google as the only barrier


In the comments some have taken to calling the device the chromecasket. I am certain there are plenty of devs that have apps ready to go, but can't release anything because google is dragging their feet. And for what?

They gave some non-committal statement about allowing direct streaming, but talk is cheap. You still can't stream live youtube to the chromecast the last I checked. That would be a great feature, it would REALLY open up the flood gates for internet tv stations unbound by cable bills and packaging. Is that what they are worried about? Scaring the big content guys?

I KNOW the device is far more capable than it is allowed to be ever since I used Koush's aircast app before google bricked it. FLAWLESS video streaming directly from my phone to the chromecast.

So tell me, will google the path of darkness or light?


via www.geekosystem.com