Good Gaming Headset?

So I have built my own pc dedicated to gaming because I do not like any of the new consoles and am sick for being called a "fag" by small fanboy children just because I tend to one console over the other.

So I installed Steam and bought some games, and am now looking into voice-chatting with my friends via Skype. So I need a good headset, not just for communication but also for good clear sound. I play competitive games like Counter Strike:GO, DayZ (The Mod. I am hoping to get to experience the Standalone at some point in my life) and BF3-BF4 and found directional sound and hearing footsteps very important. I looked up a couple of headsets on Amazon and local stores, but was never able to make up my mind! So I need your help! Do you know any good headset that are under 160$? I checked out the Astro A40´s and some Razer stuff, but the Astro´s are to expensive and it seems like Razer just makes headsets with too much bass and rubbish build quality. I also heard that they have some sort of spyware in their drivers, so that put me off as well. If you know a really good headset please be so kind and leave a comment, maybe with some Pros and Cons listed as well. Thank you!