Features (or the lack thereof) that are really bugging me in Windows 8.1...

I would just like to share these faults here:

  • Apps don't truly close anymore using keyboard shortcuts. Alt+F4 or Alt+Q don't close an app. They just minimize it. If you use Win+Tab, you can go back to the app. The only way to close an app now is to do the touchscreen swipe down gesture.
  • You can't make any app 'large' on the start screen. Only the apps downloaded from the Windows store can be made large. Also, tiles can't be arranged freely on the start screen. They still try to snap to the previous tile so as to leave no holes. But this only results in more holes when the tiles are different sizes. What if I have a group of two small tiles? I can't arrange them vertically, because they'll always try to fill left-to-right first.
  • Scaling to 1920 to 1080 size screen is still largely unfixed. I really hoped it would be resolved, but no. It's as big a problem as ever. Google Chrome in Desktop mode is blurry because everything is awkwardly magnified. Not sure if this is just a problem with Win 8 ultrabooks. Also, the Picture Viewer does the same thing, meaning pictures are by default magnified, with each pixel taking up the space of four. Zooming out does not help because like I said, each pixel in the picture takes up four actual pixels on the display. This makes everything extremely blurry and annoying.
  • Likewise, trackpad problems are also unfixed.
  • They added a border around the Picture Password feature. Now the picture in the Picture Password is hideously scaled and anti-aliased and looks terrible.
  • There are multiple problems with the Facebook for Win 8 app. Chat doesn't sync. Typing on chat lags so the first five letters of each message is always cut off unless you wait three seconds before typing each line. Launching glitches occasionally and gestures are weird.

Mind you, there are some cool things with Windows 8.1. But really the biggest concerns to me have always been the poor scaling of Win 8 and the trackpad interpretation. Aesthetic changes to the start screen are minor at best.

Most of the improvements aren't even real improvements. For example, I'm not even interested in Xbox Music. The normal Music app was fine. And I know some people would enjoy this feature, but I am really disappointed that they have not addressed the biggest Windows 8 problems.

When I first got Windows 8, I felt disappointed in several ways but I thought that Microsoft would resolve them all (or at least most of them) with 8.1. I am so disappointed...

So... What do you guys think?